8 FUN Secret Santa Gifts for ages 6-105

imagesYour kids come in need of a  gift for a schoolmate, or your co-workers decide it would be fun to pick names and exchange gifts and sometimes you barely know the person who’s name is on the but ,you want to make a good impression.   Here’s a list of gender neutral gifts  that you can pick up for under $4 to $15.    Happy Holidays!

  1. Learn to juggle –   I got this for a co-worker one year, my husband saw it first and is now a world class supermarket juggler of oranges, pepperoni sticks and blocks of cheese.   Juggling for the Complete Klutz

2. Robotic Banks – put a penny in it for good luck.   Here’s a cute selection from Gearbest

3. Gingerbread cookies to go –  If you don’t have time to whip up a batch from scratch, Toll House has a ready cut cut sheet of gingerbread that makes as many as 4 dozen cookies deepening on the size.    See gingerbread cookie sheets here   Cut’m, bake’m and give’m with a pouch of cookie frosting from Betty Crocker for a DIY treat!

4. Novelty Socks – I have to admit this is one of my favorites.   Socks come in school colors, with cats, star wars themes, you name it, it’s on a sock.   Shop for novelty socks on Googl

4. Earbuds –   need I say more?  Earbuds from $5 – $5

6. Simon – who won’t like something made by the a company called Basic Fun?

7. Peg Solitaire –  never gets old – and while you’re at Cracker Barrel picking one up, have lunch

8. Rubik’s Cube – I once saw a Rubik’s cube “secret kit” that was just a package of fresh stickers
…  Rubik’s Cube at Toys R Us


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