As November 2015 Ends…


Another year ending, resolutions unmet,

I didn’t get organized,  slim, or worst yet –

I don’t even where I put that darn list.

I must  try and find it!   shaking a fist.

I sigh, I’m defeated.

I cannot remember,

But what is the point?

It’s almost December.

Hey nobody’s perfect!

well, okay

I  failed,

to go to the gym or to block  junk email,

to be nicer and read more but hell, it’s all lies.

A wishlist for dreamers

who still want to try.

I ‘ll go get a pencil

and paper

and tea

I’ll sit in a chair to describe the new me

For next year! Why not?

I cannot resist .

I’ll drop a dress size  –

It’s #1 on my list.


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