I wish Anthony Williams lived next door.




Even if you are not a fan of Project Runway, you should know Anthony.    He was the kind of contestant that would take lemons and make lemon chiffon pie.   Now I know that it’s all in the editing, but that being said – so are next door neighbors.  I’m certain the neighbors on either side of my house are not always the pleasant happy people I know from borrowing cups of sugar, but that’s the best part!  We say hello, enjoy the exchange of pleasantries and part with a wave and a warm fuzzy feeling.

So why do I wish Anthony Williams lived next door?  I like my neighbors, but sometimes I replace them with people I know from tv.  Wouldn’t  it be fun to  have ‘that person’ move in, just for a while?   The imaginary moving van has delivered a dozen people in and out of my neighborhood and not all of them good.  I thought about sharing property lines with all kinds of people from from Jimmy Fallon to Robert Durst, what would it be like if they lived next door in my middle class neighborhood in the middle of New Jersey?

So now that I’ve revealed that weird quirk, I thought I’d share one of the people I’ve thought about in ‘next door neighbor make believe’.  Anthony Williams was a contestant on Project Runway Season 7 who made me feel good from the moment he moved into those Atlas Apartments in Midtown Manhattan.   I just love his attitude.  He handles himself with the absolute best sense of humor, he’s talented, kind, and has great teeth!  What more could you want in a neighbor?

So meet Anthony who made me think about a kinder way to be today, and sprinkle yourself  with a little humor Anthony Williams style. 

“Our color palette is bright yellow, red and black. So, at this point, I think we are designing a gown for the vice president of McDonald’s. However, everybody needs a dress.” — Commenting on his teamwork effort with a fellow contestant.



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