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It seems fitting that I am writing about birthdays today, since today is my birthday.    When I turned 50 the only thing I wanted was  NOT to be 50.   I did not get what I asked for.

This year (having gotten over the 50 hurdle) I told my family that I wanted the house to be cleaned without me having to clean it.  I did not get what I asked for.

I did however get a full day to work on a project that I really like, Sunday Supper made and cleaned up without my involvement, a birthday card for my scrapbook, and a video of my oldest daughter singing my favorite song – all that just for me.   I also got a birthday hug this morning from one of my kids who isn’t really a hugger so I took the note  to memorize how gently she holds people, and how her hair smells like fruit and flowers.    I will have that with me all day today.

I guess my point is to resist complaining about NOT getting what I asked for because the house is still messy, but MAYBE that’s just a sign that they know better.   When they aren’t picking up dirty discarded socks near the sofa, they may be doing something more important.

It reminds me of the scene from Freaky Friday when Tess (speaking as Anna) offers her 17 year old perspective through the body and voice of her mother:

“Do you know why adults are so tired all the time? Because they spend their time obsessing over stupid, lame things they don’t have to do.  Like cooking.  I mean have you never heard of takeout?  And cleaning.  Let’s don’t and say we did!”

So today I won’t  notice the mess in the house.  What the heck, I might even toss some dirty socks out there by the sofa.  Evidently that’s where they belong!

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