Holy ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ Batman!


The other day I learned the origin of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.   In Vegas you could once get a chicken dinner for $2 and place a bet on a blackjack table for the same amount of money.  If you won, the dealer would call ‘winner winner chicken dinner!’  I guess if you stopped gambling right there you’d eat on the house, but chances are they gave our more bills for $2 than they gave two dollar bills.

Colloquialism or Idiom?  I’m  not sure what the difference is but it got me thinking about other phrases I use and one thing led to another as it usually does on Google.  I tried to find the origin of Holy Cow which is either unknown, or goes back to a Hindu Sacred Bovine.

Stream of consciousness going full steam, I remembered Batman and Robin episodes where Robin would say “Holy (everything/anything)  Batman!   One search on You Tube and I found 109 Holy exclamations on this video.  Thank you A Pennyworth whoever you are.

Batman and Robin fans, enjoy.

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