Please Don’t Rearrange My Supermarket


Milano CookiesAfter I dropped off my kids this morning, I checked on my friends house and fed her cat.  After that I ran through the list of things I wanted to do before noon today.  Get cat food and cereal, make two phone calls, work on a writing assignment and exercise – check, check, check.  So I stopped at the store  on my way home and did my nomral route in the store –  produce aisle to cereal ailse,  meat department, then circle round for milk, eggs and butter  …

But today they moved the butter.

Dear Shoprite – today you moved the butter.  When you do that, you force people like me to find a person to help them find the butter.   This morning that inquiry lead me into an aisle that I rarely visit.  I  have worked hard over the years to ingore the cookies, to pass by the Milanos and Oreos without a glance because they are delicious and irresistible to a girl like me.   My kids ask for them but I never go down aisle 14.  But today you moved the butter. 

So I came home today with a bag of Milano and no cat food.

Sorry kitty.  I  hope you like cookies. 



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