Taco Night



Last night I was in the supermarket staring at a recipe and wondering if I had mayonnaise at home. A petite young brunette, all of 26 years old was looking at me. When our eyes met she said “I’m making Taco’s tonight and I have no idea….help me out. I need you to help me out.”

I had such a rush of cool importance at that moment, I imagined I was a Food Network Star. We reviewed her shopping basket contents which was full of fresh herbs and vegetables but no taco shells, only flour tortillas. We walked over to the international foods and I showed her the hard shells I would buy, and then I said I usually buy the kit with both kinds of shells, sauce and seasoning mix for the meat. She was so excited to find a kit with seasoning mix she practically hugged me. “Wait,” she said “so I really don’t need to spend money on all this garlic and cumin and cilantro and stuff?

I always made taco’s for friends. It’s interactive fun eating and it’s pretty cheap for a petite young brunette on a budget. I wish I could know how her night turned out but tonight, we’re having tacos.


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