It’s Another Monday

I just made my Monday list of things that need attention.  Just like every other Monday, the list is long.  Add to that a lack of structure in my house this summer and I may as well sprinkle everything with apathy.  It only seems fair.

As I listed grocery shopping, errands, and doctor appointments, I remembered that my car has a recall notice which reminded me that it needs an oil change, which reminded me that I have to look up how to raise the volume of my GPS, which reminded me that the GPS needs to be updated… you get the picture right?

So how do you manage to get things done when everything needs doing?  I have a very organized friend who uses a steno pad where adds tasks line by line and crosses them off when they are completed.  When the page is completely crossed off she tears it out.  She told me about her process in an effort to help but my first response was “Good idea but I would lose that notebook by lunchtime and then I’d stress eat – so then two problems instead of one.”

I’ve tried all sorts of things be more organized and productive but so far it’s just a exercise in futility.  I’ve decided to try my friend’s steno pad technique, slightly modified to accommodate my attention deficit disorder (and my lack of a steno pad) and I just made a list of everything I can think that needs to be done as of right now.   Even though my first instinct is to go back to bed right now, I’m going to power through this and select 5 things to put in my planner for today.  I’m taping one ongoing list to my desk where it stands the best chance for survival and I’m being realistic about what I can do throughout the week.  My hope is that instead of falling into a bag of despair tonight disguised as Lays Potato Chips, I can feel deserving of a bubble bath and chapter or from Target’s book selection of the month.

Have a good day and set the bar low.  It’s easier to jump once you’re really good at high stepping.

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