Because it’s fall I think of apples and apple pie, followed by pie crust, crescent rolls and then my mind goes straight to the Official Pillsbury Bake Off. I always wanted to enter that contest but never have.  I also never completed the apple tasting chart that I once thought was a good idea.

But all that has changed as of today.  Luckily my kids are used to my impulse projects so when they came home from school and I told them we were doing an apple tasting they just shrugged and went with it.  I had six apple varieties, a list of categories for rating, a marker and a hopeful look on my face.  Even my pickiest eater participated and finally admitted that she likes the apples we’ve been suggesting to her for years. We rated the apples for taste, texture and appearance.  Hands down the winner for taste, (and highest price) was Honeycrisp in the sweet category, and for tart apples we liked Jazz.  After the apple rating was completed I dismissed my helpers and set out to make an apple and crescent roll masterpiece.

Winner winner chicken dinner!  Yes, I made a whole chicken dinner with my crescent rolls.  Inside I put ground chicken, apples, onion, and pumpkin!  I can’t share the recipe yet because if I’m being honest it needs a little help and maybe, hopefully I’ll send it to Pillsbury for the next bake-off.   But for today, my kids gobbled it up!

I think I might play “Chopped” at Home later this month.  I don’t know if that’s a thing yet – Chopped at Home.  Well, I guess now it is!

IMG_6557 copy

IMG_6558 copy

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