According to Weight Watchers, I am not a lifetime member. Even though I’ve lived through versions of the program when you had to eat an egg a day, liver once a week, and no watermelon whatsoever, I am not a lifer.  Decades ago I was a meager two pounds from goal weight, and now as far… Read More

  I attended the Erma Bombeck Humor Writers Workshop last April. There was recently a request for attendees to comment on successes they’ve had since that time.  If you know this particular group of people, you would know that successes are measured in many ways.. “I finally found the courage to ask for what I want,” or “I finished and published… Read More

My daughter’s phone is “toast.” We remedy this by rummaging through our stash of old and broken phones, searching for one that works well enough to replace her’s which is currently inoperable, and this will have to do for now. As I watched my husband bring  the motherlode of shattered phones to the kitchen to decide which… Read More

From Your Teen for Parents Magazine, September 2016  –  (subscribe to the print edition of the magazine, you won’t regret it.  Subscribe) Mom, I Want to Be a Vegetarian! Becoming a Vegetarian-Friendly Family By Helen Chibnik It’s late on Sunday afternoon. The chores are done, dinner is sizzling in the oven, and you finally have… Read More

This is a piece from Working Mother Magazine that I wrote recently. We just signed a contract to dance another year. I signed the check with a a sigh.   The Reluctant Dance Mom She wanted to quit, and then quit some more, but her girls showed her the way to stay. By Helen Chibnik August 3,… Read More

I wave bye bye  to summer And the beehive in my yard. I’m deflating all the pool toys Which is more sad than hard.   The beaches are still open but leaves are on the ground. I can’t help buying pencils and A bag to tote around.   I haven’t been in school full time since… Read More

 This morning I did a few of the regular morning things that many people do.  I made coffee, let the dog outside in the yard, decided not to rid the kitchen sink of the dirty dishes and went to my desk.   Because we’re still on summer break there is zero structure, extremely flexible plans… Read More

 When the girl in this picture was a wee tot I took her to preschool.   I held her hand as  we walked down the hallway and as soon as she let go and waved ‘bye bye’ I started to cry.  I didn’t think she saw me when I teared up, and I know for sure… Read More

I wrote this piece several months ago, but it seemed timely now that prom season is in full swing. I recently attended the NJ All Shore Chorus’ 53rd Annual Recital. My daughter was awarded a music scholarship from All Shore this year and when she texted me from the auditions to say she had the scholarship, the first… Read More

I’ve been writing in my journal about the same damn things for the past 20 years. Why can’t I lose weight?  Why is the house always a mess?  Why am I so stressed out all the time?   Why , oh why?  Every day  I get up, I do what needs to be done first,  followed… Read More